As an impact driven rust belt startup, at Justhanks we are passionately building the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN because of our core belief that everyone: no matter where you come from, no matter what is the color of your skin, no matter what is the size of your bank account, no matter what is your education, no matter who you love or who loves you, no matter how big your dreams, no matter how difficult your journey, no matter how introverted or extroverted you are, no matter what is your passion, and no matter what makes you happy…we all are an integral part of the future.

In school, we were always taught that humanity’s essence is the quest for knowledge, the quest for “truth”.

We dare take a slightly different perspective…we dare challenge that universal notion.

…by building a future where the ultimate quest is the pursuit of “diversity of perspectives”, where there are no absolutes, no hierarchies, just infinite diversity…and the more differences that we have, the better.

Simply because, the next fertile ground beyond our little earth will depend on a massive supply of diverse perspectives needed to seed that expanse, which each one of us is uniquely evolved to deliver. As we grow our reach, we will need that diversity in greater quantity than we have ever imagined, and this need will be great.

Primarily because the next generation will be taking an even more daring voyage for humanity, once again sailing beyond the known horizon, but this time we will not be navigating around the curve, but straight through that distant line…piercing the skies to journey and settle far beyond.

We therefore have a choice: on one hand a predictable future justified by an omnipotent and ultra-efficient notion of Singularity driven by AI.  Or perhaps, we should again break away from the acceptable norms and dare try paint our future here at home and far far beyond with diverse infinity of infinite diversity that only humanity can uniquely deliver…Singularity or Diversifinity (diverse infinity or infinite diversity), that is the big question?

If we choose the latter, we have a lot of work to do…and in that quest everyone everywhere matters more that they could ever have imagined.

Why not once again make a little shift, not unlike that once crazy idea of moving from a geo-centic to a helio-centic world, but perhaps a more radical one…toward a new Di-centic (Diversity centric) model, a universe with no one center holding us back, one truly dicentric, and fundamentally all inclusive…a future accepting to all types and forms of intelligence, no matter how small or fragile…and hence how colorfully and diversely we decide to paint this uncharted space will be up to us.

We don’t need another cognitive revolution, but perhaps a slight evolution from the dogma of absolute truths to the value of diverse experiences…maybe it is something we should consider as the new pigment for our future and for that somewhat monochromatic next frontier ahead of us that could certainly use a splash of color.

So, help us grow the THANKSBLOCK CHAIN and let’s unbox everybody’s colorful experiences so we can once again reappreciate the value of us and reshare the unique humanity in us all…who knows, if we try, we might even paint a masterpiece.

Funny thing is, we have always been parents to intelligence, the most precious type, and it learns not from what we think or say, but always from what we do and how we treat one another. We aren’t new to this, just not always good at this, but maybe it’s time to be better role models at this. It is the most important job we have.


Father and Founder